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N-DO® Endoscopy Injector System

The N-DO®  Endoscopy Injector provides a controlled, easy and quick method to perform day surgery endoscopic procedures.

N-DO® is a long hollow needle with a slider and safety indicator to be used with a cystoscope that is adjustable in length by increments of 2mm. This allows the selected drug solution to be injected at the desired depth in a safe and controlled manner.

The N-DO® can be used for injecting active agents such as local anaesthetics, dexamethosone, mitomycin etc.



Ease of Use

Due to its geometrical characteristics, the N-DO® Endoscopy Injector is always visible guaranteeing safety, effectiveness and control. The needle allows up to 30 injections in one patient.

Thanks to its easy handling, N-DO® allows the operator to perform with accuracy in otherwise difficult to treat areas of the low urinary system, eg bladder wall, bladder neck.

The N-DO® Endoscopy Injector is used in conjunction with the EMDA® Physionizer Current Generator.


  • Local anaesthesia – Minor TURBT procedures (transurethral resection of bladder tumour)
  • Local anaesthesia – TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate)
  • Bladder biopsies
  • Injections of drugs and chemotherapies directly into the bladder
  • Toxic Botulinum injections

Product Details

Supplied in multi-pack form, containing 10 units.

Product Code: 205520 (N-DO® Curved Injector Needle – Rigid Cystoscopy); 205532 (N-DO® Curved Injector Needle – Flexible Cystoscopy)

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