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Dispersive Sponge EMDA® Electrodes

The Dispersive Sponge EMDA® Electrodes are designed to be connected to the EMDA® Physionizer Current Generator as part of the EMDA® treatment.

The device is a pair of dispersive electrodes in the form of thin stainless steel blades covered with a non-active, non-invasive and non-sterile sponge outer, and supplied with a female pin cable.

The pair of electrodes are designed specifically for direct epidermal contact, for a temporary continuous duration.

This device is disposable, non-reusable.

Product Details

Non-active, non-invasive and non-sterile medical in the form of a dispersive electrode, in compliance with the RoHS / 2002/95 / EC Directive.

Supplied in multi-pack form, containing 10 units.

Product Code: 205518

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