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Mitomycin Delivery/Disposal Kit

The Mito-In Mitomycin Delivery/Disposal Kit (CCS & CS) is designed to be used in conjunction with the EMDA® Physionizer Current Generator as part of the EMDA® treatment.

The device is a sterile closed-loop disposable kit intended to replenish/mix drugs as part of a therapeutic treatment. The kit is used with the N-DO® Endoscopy Injector for endovescical administration, plus the drainage and collection of urine and medication residues as a result of the EMDA® treatment.

The Mito-In Mitomycin Delivery/Disposal Kit is non-invasive and non-active and is to be used exclusively in a clinical environment by suitably trained medical personnel.

Product Details

Supplied in multi-pack form, containing 10 units.

Product Code: 205930 (Mito-In CCS Mitomycin Delivery/Disposal Kit); 205931 (Mito-In CC Mitomycin Delivery/Disposal Kit)

This product is disposable, non-resuable.

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