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Trial finds RenalGuard Therapy® superior to POSEIDON method

REMEDIAL III trial results presented at TCT2019 in San Franciso by Dr Carlo Briguori.

RenalGuard Solutions™ announced on 3 October 2019 that a late-breaking clinical trial has found the company’s RenalGuard Therapy® is superior to the POSEIDON method in preventing contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI) for patients with kidney disease who undergo interventional procedures.

Results of the 700 patient, randomised, investigator-driven REMEDIAL III trial were presented at the TCT 2019 meeting held in San Francisco in September. The trial was designed to evaluate the ability of the two most successful patient “tailored hydration regimens” to protect at-risk patients from CI-AKI by comparing RenalGuard Therapy with left ventricular end-diastolic pressure (LVEDP)-guided hydration (the “POSEIDON” method).

The data showed RenalGuard Therapy to be superior to LVEDP-guided hydration for the prevention of CI-AKI, as demonstrated by a significantly lower incidence of CI-AKI and/or pulmonary edema, and a lower incidence of major adverse events one month post-treatment:

  • Overall 10.3% of patients (36/351) treated with LVEDP-guided hydration developed CI-AKI and/or pulmonary edema, compared with 5.7% (20/351) of patients treated with RenalGuard Therapy.
  • One month post-treatment, 12% of patients (44/351) treated with LVEDP suffered major adverse events including dialysis, sustained kidney damage, acute pulmonary edema, and death vs. 7.1% (21/351) treated with RenalGuard Therapy.

In comparing RenalGuard® to the POSEIDON protocol, Dr. Briguori selected the most aggressive comparison possible. His finding that RenalGuard provided superior CI-AKI protection provides the strongest evidence to date to support the use of RenalGuard Therapy in at-risk patients.

Dr Howard Levin
Chief Medical Officer
RenalGuard Solutions

The contrast used in interventional procedures injures the kidney in a number of ways, including direct toxicity, blocking oxygen delivery to the kidney, and increasing fluid loss.  RenalGuard Therapy has been used with more than 23,000 patients and is designed to protect patients from these insults by inducing and maintaining high urine output.  A number of clinical trials have found that the high urine output induced by RenalGuard Therapy reduces the incidence of CI-AKI.

Clinicians interested in discussing the benefits of RenalGuard Therapy for their patients should contact Murat Celebi, Clinical Marketing Director, on +44 (0)1234-888955 or by email via