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Treatments before RenalGuard

EMDA® Bladder Cancer Treatment


Electromotive Drug Administration, also known as EMDA® is used to increase the effectiveness of a drug inserted into the bladder. 
The procedure is minimally invasive and is administered as an out-patient treatment. 

EMDA® Physionizer Generator System


The EMDA® Physionizer Current Generator is a minimally invasive method of enhancing local drug penetration across the urothelium of the bladder and prostatic urethra, resulting in greater quantities of local drug being delivered to a greater tissue depth than is achievable by passive diffusion alone.

N-DO® Endoscopy Injector System


The N-DO®  Endoscopy Injector provides a controlled, easy and quick method to perform day surgery endoscopic procedures.

Baotrophic® Oils for Bladder Treatment


Baotrophic® Oils for Bladder Treatment have been developed by Physion, the manufacturer of the EMDA® Bladder Treatment system.

These  oil extracts can alleviate symptoms of the lower urinary tract induced by BCG as well as providing relief to patients with functional urology symptoms.

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